We love talking about food, judging by the series of TED Talks about many aspects of food: growing it, cooking it and eating it, including Jamie Oliver (nearly 3 million views) passionately talking about how we should be teaching every child to eat healthily and wisely. Conversely, there are those who think we are too preoccupied with food (for example, Will Self’s end of year diatribe against the nation’s obsession with food).We are interested in not about whether it is good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, sustainable or decadent but alternatively on the role of technology in relation to food and how it can be used in the creative process of cooking and dining.  To address this we held a workshop on ‘creative dining, cooking and technology’ at the end of 2012 – organized by Yvonne Rogers and David Kirsh. The question we considered was: How can we enhance the dining experience?